These fun and festive Santa pancakes will delight kids of all ages this holiday season!

Whipped Cream

Baking Powder




Banana & Berries





In a large bowl, add flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Whisk to combine, then set aside.

Step 1

In a measuring cup or small bowl, whisk together milk, egg, melted butter, and vanilla.

Step 2

Add the milk mixture to the flour mixture and stir using a wooden spoon or spatula just until the batter is blended. Let the batter rest while you heat your skillet or griddle.

Step 3

Cook the pancakes in a skillet or griddle over medium heat for 2-4 minutes before flipping and cooking for 2-4 minutes on the other side.

Step 4

Place a pancake onto a plate and add slices of banana in a triangular shape to create the beard.

Step 5

Place raspberries in a triangular shape to create the hat. Add another raspberry to make a nose.

Step 6

Pipe two small dots of whipped cream and add a blueberry on top of each dot to create eyes.

Step 7

Pipe more whipped cream to make the fur trim and pom pom for Santa's hat.

Step 8

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