Easy Chocolate

These impressive yet easy white chocolate spiderwebs are perfect for decorating a spooky Halloween cake, cupcakes, or dirt dessert pudding cups!

Melt white chocolate and add to a pastry bag. Cut off the end to create a small hole for piping.

Step 1

Draw circles onto a piece of wax paper using a marker.

Step 2

Using the circles as a guide, pipe 4 intersecting lines inside of one circle.

Step 3

Pipe a swooped line from the end of one line to the next. Continue this around the entire circle.

Step 4

Repeat the swooped line pattern two more times, working down toward the center where the straight lines intersect, to create a spiderweb pattern.

Step 5

Repeat to create more white chocolate spiderwebs, then let the chocolate set and harden.

Step 6

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