Pie Crust


This easy step-by-step tutorial will show you exactly how to make an impressive lattice pie crust. This decorative pie crust design is both beautiful and functional and allows the pie to vent while baking.

Roll out the top pie crust and slice it into 13 strips using a pizza or pastry cutter.

Step 1

Place 7 strips, evenly spaced, vertically across the top of the pie.

Step 2

Lift 3 alternating strips, pulling each back halfway to expose the pie filling underneath. 

Step 3

Lay 1 strip horizontally across the top of the pie, next to the folded edges of the vertical dough strips. 

Step 4

Replace the dough strips that had been pulled back so they lay flat across the pie. 

Step 5

Continue folding back strips and adding new strips of dough until the pie is covered.

Step 6

Crimp the edges of the pie and bake.

Step 7

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