Mini Egg Cheesecakes

Mini egg cheesecakes blend Cadbury mini eggs with vanilla bean cheesecake atop graham cracker crust and garnished with chocolate "nests" for an adorable cupcake-sized Easter dessert.


Graham Crackers

Egg + Yolk


Heavy Cream

Cadbury Mini Eggs



Cream Cheese

Brown Sugar

Sour Cream

Heavy Cream

Chocolate + Mini Eggs

Make the crust. Pulse graham crackers and brown sugar with melted butter in the bowl of a food processor.

Step 1

Divide the crust among the 12 muffin liners and press the crumbs into a solid crust using the back of a spoon. 

Step 2

Bake the crusts at 375°F. for 5 minutes, then remove the pan from the oven and turn the temp down to 325°F.

Step 3

Place the mini eggs into a plastic food storage bag. Use a rolling pin to smash the candies. Set aside.

Step 4

Make the cheesecake batter. Mix cream cheese, sugar, sour cream, heavy cream, vanilla, and salt until smooth.

Step 5

Add egg and yolk, then fold crushed mini eggs into the cheesecake batter.

Step 6

Spoon cheesecake onto the crusts so that muffin liners are nearly filled.

Step 7

Return the pan to the 325°F oven and bake for 15 minutes.

Step 8

While the cheesecakes are chilling, make the chocolate shavings using a vegetable peeler.

Step 9

Next make the ganache, combining chocolate and steaming heavy cream, stirring until smooth.

Step 10

Spoon 1 teaspoon of chocolate ganache onto each cheesecake.

Step 11

Sprinkle chocolate shavings onto ganache, creating "nests".

Step 12

Add 3 Cadbury mini eggs into the center of each chocolate "nest" atop each cheesecake.

Step 13

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